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Falling in Love with The Process

Falling in Love with The Process

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"The red-orange colors of the rocks glistened in the sun. The water was cool, not chilly, but just the right amount of temperature change to make your body feel that something is different. Different is good."

After narrowly escaping death from Lyme disease complications in the Appalachian wilderness, Dustin Waite found himself unemployed and wondering how best to move his life forward. Falling in Love with The Process follows Dustin on a whirlwind year of global travel as he traverses the snow-covered Mongolian landscape, dives with tropical fish in Honduras, hikes up Nicaraguan volcanoes, and motorcycles around the United States—all while exploring intimate love affairs and attempting to write his first book.

Reflections on career struggles, having children, alcoholism, and why our expectations for life don't always make sense propel this gritty, candid story across the world. Falling in Love with The Process will shock you and seduce you and have you laughing and crying as you follow Dustin's journey to balance his wanderlust with an unbalanced bank account. But hey, what could go wrong?


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