An Appalachian Trail Experience

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep moving forward while ​integrating your past and inviting the unknown, External offers inspiration, humility, and a little trail magic to help you find your way. Keep scrolling to get your copy of the experience.

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After surviving a life-threatening heart condition, author Dustin Waite answers this question while detailing the hilarious, raw, and real-life decisions on (and off) the Appalachian Trail, that led him to finally summit Mount Katahdin (background photo) and complete the entire 2,189-mile journey through the woods.

**Pre-order for Fall 2023** Falling in Love with the Process
Regular price $24.95 Sale price $19.99 + Free Shipping!

Estimated arrival date: Fall 2023. After completing the Appalachian Trail, author Dustin Waite recalibrates his life for a new adventure. He propels the reader through his travels in Mongolia, Central America, and road tripping across America on a vintage motorcycle all the while detailing his process for using his past experiences to explore a new challenge: writing a book. From dog sledding in the frozen mountains of Siberia, to diving with localized species of fish inside a dormant Volcano, to reflecting on his own expectations of love, family, and how to find his own happiness.

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